Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hooray for today!

Today Mini Me and I went to St. Paul for an art date with Kelly! Mini kept saying he wanted to stay there forever, so I told Kelly we would move into her art room and I would gladly help her use the supplies she's been collecting. I gotta take pictures next time, she has SO MUCH fun stuff it's amazing. But, first there was other business to take care of.

Trampoline jumping

Swing set amusement
Catch with Odin

Then Kelly worked on a girl she's been coloring. She's not quite happy with her, and she tried to kill her several times with colored pencils right in her eyeballs today.
This was Mini's area! How sweet is that? Kelly had markers and stickers and paint all ready for him. He worked in his journal for a little while, destroyed the living room for awhile, worked in his journal some more. It was pretty cute.
I made some ATC backgrounds. Blah, I know, compared to the rest. I really WANT to make ATCs...I just gotta figure out how to make them not suck. Working on it!