Monday, October 18, 2010

New face...

This is a face made from a DIFFERENT (non-Suzi) tutorial. We're supposed to write on the left page, and then add gesso to both before drawing on the right, but I HATE gesso and especially hate drawing on top of it, so I drew first, then did the gesso.
Then she does ALL of her shading and coloring with watercolor crayons. So I tried it. Yuck. Several layers later. It's not a way of shading I'm good at, that's for sure. I really liked her background, she had better colors AND more space to work. I might try another in my big Moleskine. In the meantime, I'm letting her dry overnight and tomorrow I'll shade her the normal way. The Suzi way.


  1. I agree with Kelly!! She is just perfect, Kristin xo

  2. Thank you girls. I'm just so unhappy with her, I don't even know why. I added some shading and she looks BETTER, but...I don't know. I think she's kind of yucky.

  3. i love this post googie...
    FIRST: i've been messing around with the non-conventional (un-suzi) techniques and said EXACTLY the same stuff... in fact, i've done three of them in my journal. the third one the shading is better... and then i remembered that the first Suzi face i made sucked, too... practice... right?

    that said, i do prefer the normal way... cuz that's how all artists make faces, right? the suzi way? LOL well, if not they SHOULD!


  4. It's so funny that we think of that as "the normal way", right?? :)