Monday, October 18, 2010

Dean Reid

This page is for a friend. Dean is the friend of a friend. He lived in Ireland and was in the army. He was deployed in September and injured shortly after. He passed away from what first appeared to be a relatively minor problem. I asked my friend to send me the pictures she has of him so I could scrapbook them, and I love how this one came out. It's funny how this just strike certain people. A hundred people could look at this and just shrug it off with a careless "It's OK" and that would be fine - I don't care about anyone's opinion but my own. I'm just surprised by how it struck me, even though I'm the one who made it. The paper was by HF Projekte (available at Ahhh Scrap!).


  1. Beautiful, haunting picture, great band perry quote. You have a knack for this, Goog.

  2. Looks great. I agree, very haunting.